My Mission

Conflict is an integral part of our lives. It can be an opportunity for growth but it can also lead to possible disasters and heartache. The key is LTA – Listen, Think, Act. When we do this we can engage in conflict in a way that is transformative and empowering.

I want to challenge, motivate, and inspire leaders to take on all types of conflict utilizing my LTA Model so that they can address conflict in their organizations with knowledge and confidence.

My varied experiences allow me to speak on a variety of issues related to conflict management and peace building from workplace dynamics to international affairs. My goal is to demystify conflict with practical and pragmatic insights, tools, and perspectives.

Keynote Speaker

Hundreds of presentations to audiences around the globe on topics such as diversity, dialogue, leadership, conflict management, understanding self and others, and navigating through conflict.

Expert on Dialogue and Peace Building

Over 25+ years of industry experience working with executives and organizations in conflict. Understands the unique challenges facing leaders and organizations today and what it takes to transform conflict and restore functionality to the workplace.

Expert on Mediation and Workplace Restoration

In addition to organizational issues, Nabil travels the world facilitating and teaching about dialogue between religious and cultural communities in conflict.

Nabil Oudeh

  • Public Speaker

Nabil Oudeh was born into conflict. As a Palestinian growing up in Israel, Nabil experienced the impact of conflict on all aspects of life. His lifelong calling to be a peacebuilder was immediately evident. As a teenager he challenged himself and others in the most difficult circumstances to utilize dialogue as a way of building greater understanding between peoples. Moving to the United States for his undergraduate education, Nabil continued to be engaged in dialogue opportunities for reconciliation between conflicting traditions and cultures. As he continued his graduate studies in peace and conflict resolution, Nabil was involved in various community and international peace initiatives.

Nabil also took the principles of peacebuilding to the workplace and for over 25 years, he has been involved in workplace transformation, assisting leaders, professionals and their organizations.  He helps his clients develop and create effective solutions to their biggest challenges at work. Nabil offers a unique perspective on leadership, organizational effectiveness and workplace wellness.


My Services

Advise and Assist

Advise and assist leaders in handling complex and challenging conflicts while maintaining integrity and cohesion.

Workplace Consultations

Consult with companies and organizations on various processes and systems that enhance organizational alignment and integrity.

Community Dialogue

Facilitate dialogue groups to bridge the gap of misunderstanding and mistrust to build harmony and coexistence.

Leadership Development

Walk with leaders to support them in navigating career and life challenges that empowers them to be the best they can be.

Workplace Restoration

Leads teams of professionals that restore workplaces after crisis, trauma, major change, and challenges of growth or downsizing.

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